Thursday, 12 April 2012

Eighth Day Cafe Day 12 - Senses poem

Eighth Day Café

I expect Dominic Berry to echo from the walls,
to be reflected in the tables
as Manchester’s Premier gay, vegan poet.

There was a time Dom was at every event
I stood and quivered at,
and I wish I bought a ticket for “Wizard”.
I miss him with his overblown actions,
his genuine pleasure at seeing a familiar face.
I wish I was one of the appreciative horde
singing his praises for once.

As I taste the faint lentil
of Aduki beans in my tomato soup
I hear him recite “Tomorrow, I WILL go dancing”
and I have my Dominic fix

My chlorine hair and my resolve to eat well
after a kilometre breast-stroke
bring me to this place
like a friendly, sparsely-lit school canteen.

I write with water-wrinkled fingers
under the table,
watch as people at the tables interact in the old way.
A “student” reading text highlighted with orange marker
to match his hair and the patches on his jumper
that I suspect are not a fashion statement.

As I finish my beetroot and hummus roll
and drain my organic apple juice
I crave sex, chocolate and deep-fried chicken
am tempted to upturn the sea-salt onto my tongue,
stuff my mouth with butter pats.
I crave the kerdinck of Twitter and BBM.

A noisy, dancing group of eight staff
enjoy a group hug and their smiles
infect me
I leave carrying a smile
and faint scent of Aduki beans
to St Peter’s Square tram-stop

Sarah L Dixon   NaPoWriMo  - Day 12 Senses poem

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  1. Absolutely brilliant...I'm almost there with yer :) (Eighth Day is always on my visit list for lunch when I'm in town)Geoff Wilson ... (you've also inspired me to get on with creating my own foodie blog here)...