Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Strange Rain (part 2) #seacreatureweather

Strange rain (part 2)

Today, the sea fell from the sky
in the way I hoped it would
when I first saw diagrams of water tables

If rain always meant a surprise of sea-creatures,
I would wade through whelk,
to sashay with a stingray, have thrills with the krill
observe the oysters
and rejoice with a porpoise.

I am showered with sharks,
re-born as a prawn
take a torrent of turbot, a wetness of whales,
an earthquake of hake and some galeforce seahorses
Today, the river fell from the sky
A damp smog of frogs,
thudercrack of natterjacks,
a blizzard of lizards.

I am excited as a two-year old
who knows rain
means puddles and ducks.

Sarah L Dixon   Ocean poem Day 17 NaPoWriMo   - Spot the hashtag game addict!! Now I just have to goad people into  #seacreatureweather

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