Thursday, 12 April 2012

Food diary - Day 11 (First Line) NaPoWriMo

Food diary

You say I measure my moments in meals,
you may be right.

Every Sunday hangover
“a well-made Full English”
and Eastenders at my flat or yours.
Our first trip to the coast
“a tightly-wrapped chippy”
an insane sea-breeze and laughter.

Complete indulgence – a block of Dairy Milk toastie,
comfort to get over you.

We get back together at my house-warming,
I make a multi-cultural meal for Chinese New Year
poppadom starter, toffee bakewell + custard pudding,
stir fry noodle and fortune cookies.

Jalfrezis as I get to know the other Dixons
at The Royal Sangam
learn to blow out the sambucca before drinking.

Cheese + pastry wrapped sausages in Barcelona,
we never learnt the name of,
were served by pointing, saying “due, per favour”

Pasta and wine in the back streets of Rome
with a strange ring happily on my left hand.
The al fresco barbecue at our zoo wedding
with the genius of no table plan.

Honeymoon a fortnight of lost food memories,
possible pasties and paninis
in Conwy, Hastings, Hereford and Worthing.
An Oxford pub lunch, Lyme Regis seafood feast,
a roast and Premier League football in Weymouth.
A breakfast basket in the garret of a Marble Arch hostel.
Lee Ho Focks for beef chow mein,
in Warren Zevon-style off
Leicester Square

We stay in a Norfolk Chapel House,
a local pub asks us for suggestions.
I write the word “PIE” in Northern contempt
of a place professing to have Pub Fayre –
but not offering pie!

You say I measure my moments in meals,
you may be right

Sarah L Dixon     Day 11 First Line - My line " On the morning after the house-warming party" from Zoom! by Simon Armitage, I used it then discarded when the poem was realising itself.

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