Thursday, 19 April 2012

Single Extractions+Ruler Stones (opposite poem of Double Dips+Swizzel sticks) NaPoWriMo Day 19

Opposite poem

Single extractions and Ruler Stones

The Ruler dump falls ashamed,
extracting noisy skies of
blue diamonds - boiling seas,
fields, crabs and avoiders
those dank summer evenings.

Japalpeno peppers sound like Pop,
their green blandness discourages you.

I celebrate hats emptied of talc,
spit silent stones as I tiptoe further from home.

9 hate-stones repelled by 3 inches of lead
taken from a girl I always touched.

Summer. Dump pilferers
sucked from the houses,
dawdle out as hot ash finishes rising.
sandpaper disturbs slow hands
(even yesterday)

we leave foreign lands to smear on
the smooth, savoury
adult nightmares.

Rulers feather-empty
pace impatient
for toes and bottoms to unstick.

See the original below, published in the Ugly Tree in 2007, that was tonnes of fun. Particularly like "sandpaper disturbs slow hands (even yesterday)" and "smooth savoury adult nightmares" "extracting noisy skies of blue diamonds" and the fact passers-by becomes avoiders. Thanks for that prompt NaPoWriMo
Double Dips and Swizzel Sticks
The Ugly Tree 2007

The Swizzels factory stands proud,
billowing silent clouds of
pink sherbet - frosting land,
houses, cows and passers-by
these crisp winter mornings.

Parma-violets taste of Nanna,
their purple tang reassures me.

We worry about stockings filled with soot,
chew Drumsticks as we yammer homeward.

Six Love-hearts sellotaped to a three-foot card
handed to a boy I never held.

Christmas. Factory workers
pour on to streets,
rush home as the snow begins to fall.
A blanket undisturbed by eager feet
(Until tomorrow)

They go home to wash off
the sticky sweetness
of children’s dreams.
                                            Swizzels pillow-fill,
                           for fingers and faces to glue.

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