Monday, 30 April 2012

When CBBC is not for you - Day 30 NaPoWriMo Clapping Rhyme

When CBBC is not for you?

When Makka Pakka
makes you want to pack an AK47
Turn it off.

When the Pontipines
make you wish Iggle Piggle
had set some landmines
Turn it off.

When Timmy and his monotone friends
taunt you to hope for your end.
Turn it off.

When Granny Murray
imparts her mottos twee
Turn it off.

When all the names you know
are Tinky Winky, Lala and Po
(and you’ve forgotten the other one)
Turn it off.

When even Abney and Teal
is a massive ordeal.
Turn it off.

Turn it off.
clap your hands
make up your own songs
of real animals and genuine sadness.

NaPoWriMo Day 30 Clapping Rhyme - OK! Some Children's TV is so wet and unrealistic, I particulalry dislike Me Too! and find myself watching it when my 20 month old is already bored and has made his way into a den under the table! Wonderful antidotes - Dip Dap, Octonauts Creature reports (but I couldn't eat a whole one), Tinga Tales, Big and Small (as my husband says the best thing Lenny Henry has ever done!), leo the Lion and  the Koala Brothers. Maybe I will write a praise one when not so angry at it. Oh and I don'd mind the Hamsternauts in Baby Jake. Goodbye for now x

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