Saturday, 20 April 2013

A day at Alton Towers 1984 - a Wanted Ad poem Day 19

A Day at Alton Towers 1984

graze of hessian
cold relief of a metal handrails
uncontrolled screams
suprised from all six slides
of the Astro-glide.

the log flume
a rattling meander
through forests
peeping with dinosaurs
their growls and grunts

lying family close
under the starred dome of Cine 360
as coloured fountains
dance to Sibelius

muffled screams
in Doom & Sons
fragrant machine-made smoke
UV light disorientates
as skeletons plummet floorward

candyfloss faces
cheese and pickle picnics
in gardens soaked in Summer
a Mars Bar melted
in distracted hands

driving Model T Fords
further into the past
in clothes of the 1900s
recorded in sepia.
Bob-sleigh exhilaration

feigned disappointment
every time
at the Corkscrew tape measure
until the panic
of being above the red line

tea-cup stomach drops
fear of approaching
bins teeming with wasps,
speed and peril of the Beastie
felt as a seven-year old.

Yey! Really enjoyed this one. Sorry it is a day late. I have been reminiscing with my Mum and husband about the old Alton towers and not getting round to writing about it. So much more material. This may be one of a series.

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