Saturday, 27 April 2013

Let Him Sleep - Day 27 - Proverb Googlesearch - Never wake a....

Let Him Sleep


They had warned me.
Proverbs are common knowledge
for a reason.
Survival of the fittest, fastest
and those who listen
to the wise words.
Absorb them.

I thought it was a child or dog
I wasn't supposed to rouse
from slumber.
I don't expect I'd have tried it
with a tiger or skunk either.

But in the middle of Karate Beginners,
I was off guard,
a white-belt greeness surrounded me
urged me into action.

I prodded the sleeping Sensei
hard in his chest.

Take it from me.
"Never wake a sleeping Sensei!"
It is difficult to say in this position,
but you need to know this.
I didn't
and the recovery process
will be protracted.

Some fun, little time today. Playing again. Love x


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    1. Thanks Susan. I was taking NaPo too seriously to start with and have now settled into a playful stride! Yey! x