Sunday, 28 April 2013

Something Borrowed - Day 28 NaPoWriMo prompt - Colour prompt

Something Borrowed

Cobalt, the clothes they say
you must wear from Day 1.
But you don't.

Turquoise, laboured laughter
pools of need and coping,
born from exhaustion rivulets.

Your Cornflower eyes
lost to the hazel
of becoming a boy.

Navy sky breathes relief
at your dusk snores
after an hour-long Royal tantrum.

Cyan reflected from ancient ice.
Terror, as I dream-slip on the brink
of an Athabascan kettlehole.

I clamber over your gate,
palm the rising of your chest
and Midnight calms my heart.

I am aware with every landmark Frank becomes more independent and steps closer to becoming an adult and leaving. Daft, I suppose when he is only two and a half, but I am aware he is borrowed and will be his own person. Oh and also the panic everytime you can't see that small chest rising! x


  1. Such a nice poem. Amazing how a colour can capture so much.