Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lego of me Gandalf - Day 10 Unlove poem

Lego of me Gandalf

I wonder who bought the lego Mark Twain,
his torso decorated with finely rendered braces,
a scarlet bow tie, lovingly moulded hair,
moustache and eyebrows that cover half his face.
Was he a hirsute fellow
or has Lego made this so?

I have a gruding desire to own
Indy, Darth or Spiderman,
am impressed I could now
build a Millenium Falcon,
Hogwarts Castle or Temple of Doom
that would not fit in our biggest room

Gandalf was released in 2012,
his staff and crumpled hat
and the fact he is grey
are all that differ from Dumbledore in purple.
Or better yet,
a Frodo Baggins with cooking corner set.

Who would buy this when
it sits between the Mines of Moria
or Attack on Weathertop?
featuring Weathertop fortress ruin with tree,
flick missile function, trapdoor,
weapon rack, pedestal and fireplace. Who could want more?

So little left to the imagination now
I start to wonder what and how
we built with lego
in 1980, three decades ago

We had blue, red and white caps,
the hand and leg design remain the same
as my 1978 model doctor
with a white top and simple red cross

we fought over four green fences
and six red windows
and we could build anything
but usually built our house
or the one across the road,
plenty of Quality Street stained glass
stuffed behind fences to represent tulips and grass.

An idea. Needs more work - enjoying having a play though. I miss the simple Lego! xxx


  1. I REALLY like this. I too would like to know what happened to building an entire universe out of a box of blocks and some Lego, populated by an entire family of mismatched action figures who changed names depending on the day's adventure? Of course, in those days, we also wrote our own scripts :)

    1. OH! My Two and half year old writes all kind of scripts for his characters. I love watching hisimagination grow! Don't like the nightmares that come along with this so much! x