Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What the Star Said Translation piece from Dutch - Day 16

What the Star Said

This star has a joyous heart.
When it reflects joy, nobody hungers.
This particular star's joy is viral,
places sparks in hearts that have never held joy.

Stars can be lodged
in the heart
by one word,
then it hungers no longer.

When the star says: "Stop! Stop!"
and the bowman
heeds the stars appeal,
the deer lives on.

Because the star says "Stop!" and again "Stop! Stop!"
the whole future of the deer alters
and all because the Great Coward listened
to the star's refrain: "Stop!"

A lesson for all sorts of wanderers,
who should listen
when a star hurls "Stop!"

Translated visually from below, then tweaked a little to make more sense.

die sterre vat jou hart
want die sterre is vir jou nie bietjie honger nie!
die sterre verruil jou hart vir ’n ster se hart
die sterre vat jou hart en voer jou ’n ster se hart
dan word jy nooit weer honger nie

want die sterre sê: ‘Tsau! Tsau!’
en die boesmans sê die sterre vervloek die springbok se oë
die sterre sê: ‘Tsau!’ hulle sê: ‘Tsau! Tsau!’
hulle vloek die springbok se oë
ek het groot geword luisterend na die sterre
die sterre sê: ‘Tsau! Tsau!’

dis altyd somer wanneer jy die sterre hoor Tsau-sê
© 2003, Antjie Krog
From: Liederen van de blauwkraanvogel
Publisher: Uitgeverij Podium/Novib, Amsterdam/Den Haag, 2003
the stars take your heart
because the stars aren’t the least bit hungry for you!
the stars exchange your heart for the heart of a star
the stars take your heart and feed you the heart of a star
then you’ll never be hungry again

because the stars say: ‘Tsau! Tsau!’
and the bushmen say the stars curse the springbok’s eyes
the stars say: ‘Tsau!’ they say: ‘Tsau! Tsau!’
they curse the springbok’s eyes
I grew up listening to the stars
the stars say: ‘Tsau! Tsau!’

it’s always summer when you hear the stars saying Tsau