Monday, 15 April 2013

Peeling off labels - a pantum for Day 15 - I am back!

My fire is back - four poems mostly realised today. Only one for you. I am saving my others. They need small tweaks.

Peeling off labels

Keg Wood, Sunny Corner, Happy Valley.
Names that divide spaces, labels for where land dips.
To me a forest I found with O'Malley,
ropeswing trees and the door we knock to wake the witch.

Sunny Corner, Happy Valley, Keg Wood,
signposts and pathways, benches and direction.
Still, I mis-kiss the boy they told me was no good.
Heart-store the canopy, the light, the rejection.

Happy Valley, Keg Wood, Sunny Corner,
Now I read signs, ignore them, as my young prince hides.
Half career, half tumble, down a slope, clothes are torn,
I gather splinters, mud. Hoard butterflies inside.

I love it. x

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