Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Getting to know you - Greeting poem Day 17

Getting to know you

What's your name?
Frank's stock greeting
delivered as an almost angry toddler demand.

I wonder how much we can glean from a name,
from the way the owner says it,
do they cherish the vowels,
create extra consonants,
Chinese whisper the pronunciation?

Or do they eject it like venom,
a label heavy on their lapel.
A name they can't live up or down to.

Have they already resorted to deed poll
and if so what name did they choose?

When the maiden name
changes how long does it take to stop responding
or are you always both names (or more)?

Which question would tell us more?
Perhaps the way someone anwers:
"what do you do?"
but not always.
Automatic responses are often blurted,
providing false impressions.

With consideration
this answer would be different.

What would you rather be doing
if you weren't being pestered by a poet?

Yes, that one might work.

A bit of a play again. Also busy working out what all the abbreviations on Mum's sites mean. Like joining a dating site. LOL, hope my GSOH tides me into belonging a little. Feel a bit of an intruder.

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