Thursday, 4 April 2013

Frank Exchange of Views (author comment: "My Frank Dixon!")

Frank Exchange of Views

You not Big Boy
You not lady
You not woman
You Mummy

I'm Batman
I'm Big Boy
I'm Darth Vader
I'm beautiful

I'm the boss
You no the boss
You Mummy

Stand back
My shut it!

My want cuddle
My the boy
My the winner
My doing a wee in the bath

You put pretty on ears
You look like lady
You not lady
You Mummy

All True and said in the last 24hrs can't believe that prompt came up. Want to write something more obscure from it too, but it was gifted to me.

Writing a piece inspired by the title of an Iain Banks spaceship: "Frank Exchange of Views" Author Comment: "My Frank Dixon"


  1. Cute and lovely, innocent and funny. Thank you! x

  2. Thanks Mark. I will pass on the compliments to sleeping Frank when he wakes x