Monday, 1 April 2013

Tired beyond caring

Tired beyond caring

I am tired of pretty,
unstyled and not arsed.
I ruffle stale hair,
with the mousse of a week.

I am exhausted of sexy,
a two-year old and his virus
steal my energy and enthusiasm,
give me smiles#
and tantrums.

I am tired of pretty,
make-up washed off
by tears of anger and emotion,
effort reduced to run mascara,
by one misplaced word.

I am exhausted of sexy
as you make overtures
candles, music, James Spader films,
my eyelids close, sleep claims me
on the settee.

I am tired of pretty
exhausted by the thought of sex,
tattoo my make-up on
and hold my hips tightly
I may orgasm, if I can be bothered.

Sarah L Dixon (3 pints drunk!)

Stole first line from Mid Shelley, BOMP3

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