Sunday, 14 April 2013

Mid point slump - Back to a Day 1 prompt from elsewhere - Day 14

I have reached that NaPoWriMo mid-point where I am sighing and the amount of reads on blogs tends to drop around this time too! Feel like I should be pulling a rabbit out of the hat and instead I am resorting to the first poem I wrote and rejected on Day 1! Oh Dear! I will return to today's prompt and I have a few more I am working on further from past prompts too. I have the next two days as holiday and feel this may put me in even more of a NaPo slump with all the time but no inspiration. Time to read other's stuff, definitely, but also time to dwell on what you are not writing. Oh Dear! Prompt was to take two words from page 28,35 and 42 of anthology. I chose BOMP3. So thanks. x

The Slump

Three weeks sunken in the sinus,
silence of this virus.
I crumple and twitch,
living in shade, a state of decline.

I hope soon to turn to a mirror
and watch as my energy rages
in familiar song,
beckons me back,
embraces my worn torso
and mends it slowly with sleep,
redeems it with rest,
hugs me into humanity,
once more.

The virus mentioned is long gone and cannot be blamed for the slump - I had a long walk, (somewhere I used to have family time as a child) Frank, Philip and I "family all together" today: Picnics, witches, waterfalls, cows and poos not in potty. These may all feature shortly.

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